Arzee the Dwarf

Chandrahas wanted a different shot which was also beautiful (somehow more ethereal!) but i thought that the last one in this line of options here would do better... so armed with the camera i spend three days on the streets of Kolkata and Chandannagar to create an ambience which should pass off as Mumbai...the hand that lit the cigarette is an accidental shot which was there way back from my JU days...the picture of the goat is courtesy francis mascarenhas, a young mumbai lad who is a very talented photographer, and whose work can be seen here at ... the highrises are distorted kolkata, the slums from my hometown ... it shows how india is so common in an uncanny way...i am really proud of doing this cover... it took a lot of time and saugata, chandrahaas really provided me with imputs that made the cover what it is today... other editors would have put it off but kudos to saugata for his decision to stick to it ... there is a bit of irrational in the cover which is like the book as well...this one is hell of a book ... mark my words ... chandrahaas will go a long way.


Space Bar said...

i really liked this cover. looking forward to more!

sumana001 said...

This one's fantastic! Congrats!
Have always loved your work.

Gouri Dange said...

Another great book cover, Pinaki. I have the book in front of me, and besides what I've heard about it, it's also the intriguing cover that draws me to the book. great work.
gouri dange

sathish said...

Hi! I was trying to figure out who did the cover of Chandrahas book. Finally got it from Chandrahas blog. It is a very striking cover and one of the great covers I have seen in the recent times.

Great job.