Palimpsest Seminar Posters

I take a lot of pride in these works as everything from the photos to the arranged detailing is shot by me using my own Canon 2s 1s which I think is a great camera to own. Only the third one which is the cover of the folder distributed at this international conference has a photo shot earlier by Ujjal De for an entirely different assignment. Other promotional materials were also designed by me. There are other variations of the poster as well but I selected these two for their inherent contrast. The brief was just that. Great fun.

Film Theory

Still unpublished but in the pipeline... I am not entirely satisfied although the publisher is quite happy with the cover. Out of the box film book covers are always tough to do. The shot of the hand is mine. I tried to give a different background with blue brushstrokes. However, what I envisaged in the beginning I failed to execute - that's a confession.

The Posters 2

Freud and Lacan deconstructed...

Seminar On Freud and Lacan - The Posters Part 1

These are all part of the hugely successful Lacan Symposium held at Jadavpur University when I was a student there. I still think Santanu Biswas (always Santanuda to me and one of my fav teacher) gave me a lot of liberty in conceiving and executing the posters. I took the words "Freud's French Revolution" and played around them. The first one is a blend of real Artaud performing with the painting "Murder of Marat". The second one is a take off from Delacroix's iconic painting incorporating Freud's face in one of the revolutionaries while the third was a beeped blurb spoken by Eiffel Tower itself.
Ofcourse it is a five letter word: F R E U D.