Without Dreams

Rarely do I recommend books of which I create covers. This one is an exception. It stirred me a lot perhaps because of its inner violence that spilled out too often for my own comfort. A dark tale needed an appropriate cover and what I have done makes me come to terms with my often violent streak. A word of praise for the senior editor Saugata Mukherjee of Harper Collins India who (to my surprise!) chose this dark one over a more sanitised version (which I would try to post later).


Joy Goswami is a brilliant poet. Period. I cease to get objective whenever I read his poems. So when Sachin Rastogi of Worldview said that he wanted to publish a translation of his poems, I was delighted. I still haven't gone through the translations and this cover is entirely based on my reading of Joy's Bengali originals. The cover is very personal and although I am yet to get a final feedback from Sachin, I thought it should be up here.
Hmm... the top one is the sanitised version... and the published one. I understood the poets themselves don't always understand.

Manna Dey

Can any cover ever capture the texture of his voice? Nevermind you can just keep trying...

Dateline Islamabad

I truly enjoyed doing this cover. The strength of this cover lies in the meticulous composition of various scattered elements.The subject is interesting and a bit offbeat which makes a case for an out of the box cover.