Nothing is Blue

Have I captured the brilliant premise of this novel? I am just concerned with that and will be digging for answers for a month or so. There is also a site designed by me and developed by Ritwick:

Socialism is Great

A cover i think I will cherish! I need to thank Saugata for giving me this keep it coming.

Tandoor Cinders

This is a cover which i enjoyed designing...dark brooding with subtle surreal touches...

Typhoon & The Holy Woman

I have tried to experiment again with a different graphic treatment that relies heavily on Illustrator. Moreover, it is always a challenge to faithfully recreate the cultural ethos of a different country that in a way, captures the essence of the book.

The Bioscope Man

When I first entered the JU campus, I heard about a guy called Indi who had quite a cult following. I never saw him or for that matter, even if I did, couldn't remember him. Then came all those music reviews that shaped my cd shelf and I am still grateful to Indrajit Hazra for my early love for music. The Burnt Forehead of Max Saul was a bit of a letdown, although I liked its tone...The Garden of Earthly Delights followed and I still think this undiscovered gem didn't get its due worth although it may have been a tad overwrought...I still follow his editorial writings and expect a really good novel from him. This one is surely promising...I would have loved to work more on the sepia cover although it was not chosen...

3 Zakia Mansion

The spread above was finally chosen although I also like the the other one...The photograph was shot at one of my favourite haunt at Chandannagar...who knows how long it may stay that way...

Families at Home

Families at Home by Reeti Gadekar to be published by Harper Collins was shortlisted for the ManAsian Literary prize 2007. This cover is a welcome change from all the "proper" stuff I was doing for a long long time. This IS my style...with blood on the tracks...

Trying to Grow

I literally gave up hope of doing this cover as I was fiddling with stereotyped cover ideas...It is a melange of images taken from the place where I get inspired every moment: the comics. The drawing is not greatly different from available comics but when put on the cover of a book like that of Kanga's, it works remarkably well. There will be more subtle manipulations and they will put up whenever done.

The Silent Raga

Saugata and I are gradually developing into a great team...just like I share a great synergy with Ajanta. He is like a dream editor who gives you a lot of space. I enjoy the constructive process of putting a cover together which is fun, really. This is a very good book and I think it deserves every bit of accolade it is getting worldwide. Sometimes I wonder how unlike me are my covers...the hard-hitting ones are waiting to be born.

Books by Kunal Basu - Redux

This is how the covers stand after redoing it with that extra splash of colour. The golden colour will be embossed to give it a more exclusive look. I have tried to maintain a consistent series look to all the books to give it an identity of its own...

Books by Kunal Basu

Originally I thought of minimalist covers... In fact, Racists cover idea was immensely liked by Saugata. However, Kunal wanted more colour and I changed my mind...

Lacan Seminar 2

It is a pleasure to do posters for Santanuda, my teacher at Jadavpur. His only brief, for the second time on a trot (please refer to the archives for Lacan Seminar 1) - do whatever you like. This magical brief never fails to produce the desired effect. I always feel free while designing posters for Jadavpur University - the place which nurtured my creativity and made me feel at ease. In both the posters I like James Joyce's pose, a man with whom I can connect the most.

The Japanese Wife

This book of exceptional short stories by Kunal Basu is about to be released in January from Harper Collins India. I have tried to convey the sublime romance in the title story though small details of Japanese miniatures amidst warm shades. The pictures are from the forthcoming film The Japanese Wife directed by Aparna Sen which is sure to make the book quite popular. Earlier I tried the vertical Japanese style lettering but that seemed to overwhelm the whole cover. As always, sheer simplicity speaks more...