Socialism is Great

A cover i think I will cherish! I need to thank Saugata for giving me this keep it coming.

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Subhanjan said...

Dear Pinaki Sir,

I was very much impressed by this design. What a grabbing cover design! The bright red is a powerful contrast to the black background. What makes the entire thing stand out is the innovativeness of producing the bar code on the map of China. The globalisation of China is clearly apparant on the tag hanging from the edge of the map. The difference of texture of the tag from the rest of the entire cover has made it stand out. The transparency in the lips and eyes of the white portrait exudes minute detailing. And a very good use of space I must say. Even the small vacant space on the bottom right was essential to make the rest stand out. Very good design. Really a very good design.

I came to know of your blog from a friend of mine - Kumarjit - who is doing MA in English at Jadavpur. I had long wished to come in contact with you. But I had no idea of how to. I heard of you from my dear Sir Subrata Ray Chaudhury. I am new to photography and have found deep interest in this art. I wish to be able to take great pictures some day and record the world in my pictures. As of now, as I am new in this field, my pictures are immature (you may see a few of them at my blog by clicking on the categories on the left hand column of my blog). But I will try my best to improve. I heard that you too are into photography. I am really excited to see some of your photographs. I also hope to meet you in person some day.

I wish you good luck with your work. May you flourish and stay happy.


Subhanjan Sengupta.