Joy Goswami is a brilliant poet. Period. I cease to get objective whenever I read his poems. So when Sachin Rastogi of Worldview said that he wanted to publish a translation of his poems, I was delighted. I still haven't gone through the translations and this cover is entirely based on my reading of Joy's Bengali originals. The cover is very personal and although I am yet to get a final feedback from Sachin, I thought it should be up here.
Hmm... the top one is the sanitised version... and the published one. I understood the poets themselves don't always understand.


Can't Design said...

its quite painting a painter I felt....depth is missing!

Erythrocyte said...

This is wonderful: magical, ethereal, yet not 'pretty', evoking the sometimes fugitive but always memorable felicities of Joy Goswami's work. The angle of the bird's head says it all, and the way its green is taken up by other elements in the design. The detailing is what really makes you look long at this cover. Awesome.

Erythrocyte said...

Ish, pakhiwala ta nilo na keno! onnota kemon painsha.