Seminar On Freud and Lacan - The Posters Part 1

These are all part of the hugely successful Lacan Symposium held at Jadavpur University when I was a student there. I still think Santanu Biswas (always Santanuda to me and one of my fav teacher) gave me a lot of liberty in conceiving and executing the posters. I took the words "Freud's French Revolution" and played around them. The first one is a blend of real Artaud performing with the painting "Murder of Marat". The second one is a take off from Delacroix's iconic painting incorporating Freud's face in one of the revolutionaries while the third was a beeped blurb spoken by Eiffel Tower itself.
Ofcourse it is a five letter word: F R E U D.

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chandan crasta said...

i really like the image. not a cliched one. i wonder why you have used a blotchy typeface though? takes away from the seriousness of the poster. the use of red and blue go well with the black background.