The Guide

The Guide is book that I teach in the undergraduate courses. Most of the books of RK Narayan has very stolid cover although the possibility is immense. I seized on a key metaphor of the journey ( which also double up as "The feet of the Guru") for this minimalist cover.


late_o_lamented said...

well! well! nice one. i have one work very similar to this. even I am fascinated by that fine enmeshing of lines that a footprint produces. obviously the allusion to a terrain - both literal and figurative - is inescapable.
perhaps it is a very Bengali tradition to frame and preserve for posterity the 'alta' footprints of the deceased, but i am reminded of those framed objects when i look at the cover. And the specter of death that then emerges is significant too. The ‘death’ of the guide, the ‘birth’ of the godman, the shadow of death as he fasts for the rain...

Had heard of you from Chandan. Never knew you were a lecturer in English too. So how is the view from the lectern? Warholian? Multiples of your own covers arranged on the desks below?

chandan crasta said...

Love this one. one of your best yet. hey P, do something like this for Penguin too, waiting to see Tigertales.

L_o_L's comment is significant in more ways than one. good to read