Cultural Studies

This cover needed an academic look yet I refused to get bogged down by the original brief. I am fascinated by graphiti on the walls and tried to imitate that look with some deft brushwork. The picture at the back is a streetposter of a tribal girl with sunglasses that goes well with the eclectic content of the book. The reason I am posting this cover first is because it is an acknowledgement of the persons behind my career as a graphic designer - Nilanjana Gupta, the author of the book and teacher par excellence and Sachin Rastogi, the dynamic publisher of Worldview Books who gave me a chance when I was so raw.


Mohawk Man said...

Stalwart Readers not "In"?
The Wall Street Journal ran a silly little piece, yesterday, on blogs that the in-crowd reads.


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Can't Design said...

This one is good! Very interesting and lovely colours. I hope they printed it well.

chandan crasta said...

i rather like this one. especially the type treatment. the back cover is interesting too.